Urban Towns The Niagara

Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 3E8, Canada




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Situated on 1.2 acres of lush greenery, The Niagara Condominiums comprises 3 buildings and 60 units with a suite mix that ranges from 427 to 950 sq ft. These units, which include both single and two-storey layouts, offer easy access to the outdoors. The main building, which fronts onto McLeod Road, is sure to become a recognizable landmark in the area. With its modern design, The Niagara is a unique addition to the neighbourhood and hints at the exciting future of Niagara Falls. M5V Developments has a total of six projects planned for McLeod Road, all of which are set to be completed in the next ten years and will bring new life to the area. In addition, a Mega Mall is scheduled to open off McLeod Road in 2024, further elevating the neighbourhood. The McLeod Road intensification corridor is a city plan to increase traffic along this node, making it a popular thoroughfare connecting Clifton Hill with various amenities off McLeod.

Urban Towns The Niagara Details

Over 14 million tourists visit Niagara Falls each year
• Visitors to Niagara Falls support 33,000 people who work in the hospitality and tourism industry
• Niagara Falls is an affordable alternative to the explosive GTA market
• Current rental housing stock in Niagara Falls is dated and has lengthy waitlists
• Vacancy rate in Niagara Falls is 1.5%
• Migrant flow: GTA residents are moving and retiring in Niagara Falls
• Niagara Falls is a development hub: Several multi-million dollar projects in progress
• GO Train expansion to Niagara by 2023
• New South Niagara Falls Hospital to be constructed by 2023
• Average price per square foot is 50% of the cost of downtown Toronto



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  • Architect(s): TBA
  • Interior Designer(s): TBA
  • GO Transit is expanding to Niagara Falls by 2023 with regular train service
  • This expansion is expected to have a transformative effect on the economy
  • City Council has made daily GO trains their highest priority during this term
  • The city is working closely with Metrolinx and the Province of Ontario to accelerate the project
  • Ontario’s Liberal government has committed up to $10 million to create an Artificial Intelligence center of excellence at the new hospital to be built by 2023 in the south end of Niagara Falls.


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